Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Up, Up, And Away!

I just realized that one of my dear friends and I went on a hot air balloon ride
(My kids gave me a ride for Mother's Day 2013) and I never posted the pics from
it! This was on my bucket list, and it was a blast! Hope I can do it again someday!
Above they are blowing it up

Those two specks to the left are Phil and Briana :)
The view was spectacular!

My buddy Paula (we've known each other since 6th grade)
We flew over alot of Amish--here are some kids who
waved to us

We couldn't disembark until the farmer whose land
we came down on gave permission..
People stop along the road and help the balloon people take it down
My hubby was one of them :)
Others were just passersby

We hated to see it end!
But, it was the trip of a lifetime!

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