Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're having a Flexi Clip Party-and You're Invited!

 If you're like I was until just have NO IDEA what a flexi-clip is... So, here's a brief explanation.

After my recent illness (which caused me to lose 1/2 of my hair) I was looking for a clip that would actually stay in my fine, thin hair--and hold it! In my quest I found the Flexi Clip. My friend Marci is my consultant and when I recently went to her home I got to see these lovely clips in person.  I LOVE THEM!
They not only stay in all day (comfortably). They are also elegant, stylish and beautiful! Very quality made.
They are beaded and come in many different designs...hearts, butterflies etc... they also make great gifts!

So, Bri and I decided to have an online party and introduce our friends to it!

The link below is what you must go to so that you can browse or order through my party:

BEFORE you order, be sure to check out the video and page on sizing. They have 6 sizes to custom fit your hair! And, they also give you styling ideas that are sooo quick, easy and pretty!

Lilla Rose also sells hair sticks, hair bands and more.
The party works like a Pampered Chef party (only online) - when you buy products through my party, I get discounts, etc.

I am starting my party today, and it lasts for two weeks. You just visit my link and place your order there.
Here are some brand new styles just introduced today!

Any questions just drop me a line.
Enjoy shopping!


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