Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simpler Times...

Today I am remembering simpler times...back when I would stay in the summertime with my grandparents,
we would often sit (almost daily) on the porch at some point during the day/evening.
It was a time I loved then, and cherish now.
Back in those times it was commonplace for people to sit on their porches and visit with one another, or with neighbors who pass by.
Perhaps the ladies (and children) of the house would shell peas, snap beans, drink lemonade, eat a popsicle, do handwork, or tell stories to the children.

Perhaps it was just to get a breath of fresh air as there may have been no air conditioning then.

Friendship was valued and nurtured.
Perhaps it was a good place to read the Bible...
Life seemed simpler then...why was that? Now we have so many modern conveniences that you would
think would make our homemaking easier!
Washers, dryers, microwaves, breadmakers, crockpots etc...
Yet how many nights do you spend during the spring, summer and fall sitting on the porch?
I hope it's a lot!
I don't have a pretty porch like the one above, I just have a "stoop".
But, I do have a patio in the back--it's just not the same.
I sometimes sit with my neighbors on their front porch and visit.
And, I really enjoy those times.

Truth be told, I truly miss those simpler days.