Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Happenings...

Thought I'd share some things happening around our home recently...
Below is a pic of Brad w/one of the many groundhogs he has trapped.

To his great surprise, he also found this raccoon trapped one morning!
Not that I want it eating my garden...but, I did feel sorry for it--it was scared to death and shaking
like a leaf!
Above--squash and zucchini from the garden! :)

These sunflowers were towering over me while I was grilling out...

so bright and cheery!

 Yep, I still have tiny peaches on my Bonfire Peach tree!
My flowers are doing well despite the heat

Cherry tomatoes are on!

We did get some rain-which beat these sunflowers down.
We were very thankful for the rain!

This is our new garden bed. These are Phil and my tomatoes.

 These cukes are planted beside them--they have bacterial wilt we are
going to try and replant. :(
Some of our squash and zucchini plants

Above is Brad's garden. He has cantelope here on this edge.
Everything he plants always grows like crazy!

Bri's garden isn't very showy right now--it was gorgeous earlier in the summer
I think the heat has gotten to it.

Our other garden bed includes asparagus and potatoes
oh, and rhubarb and celery

and squash!

Close up of Brad's cantelope

And his watermelon ( I love this moon and stars melon)
even the leaves have yellow splotches!

I think our grapes are doing great for the first year!

Can you see this pesky pest on the blackberries?
That is one problem we're having with them...
We've gotten a few off though--not bad for the first year!
Well, just a little update.
How is your garden growing?

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