Monday, October 25, 2010

Current Events...

It seems as though I've been doing this alot lately-downloading pics and just doing one huge post to include them all--but, it's either that, or nothing due to time constraints! :)

Chippy got a little extra attention while his pal Bingley had surgery/neutering last week
Poor Bingley is trying to adjust to "life with a lampshade" right now
(you can also see his front leg was shaved for the iv)

Brad was finally successful in finding a used snowblower to
try and boost his employment during the winter months
We think Bing is cute-even with his "shade"
In further preparation for winter--we got our firewood over the weekend
Bri and I were busy harvesting our herbs
basil, rosemary, parsley and apple mint
Brad is busy working on his shed
Dad was kind enough to lend him a hand

We have spinach growing in the garden
I also planted garlic on Saturday--in between these rows

Calendula still blooms!

Marigolds are too

The kids did a surprise "Parent Appreciation Night"
last week, these are the beautiful flowers they gave me

Nasturtium still has lots of life left

Here's the herb basket Bri picked
(the purple is lavender)

Sunday we were blessed to be part of a lovely 50th anniversary celebration
Above, Anna gets everything ready for her parents
(the bride being honored is her Mom -standing on the far left)

This couple used to be Amish, and this "Wedding Corner" was
set up Amish style by their daughter (it was lovely!)

Some of the young people from our church
enjoying fellowship

Lovely Amy
Beautiful Susan

Table decorations

Brad "trying" to look innocent
...he must have done something!

Adorable Isaiah

Dashing Daniel

Sweet Jen

Nate--interesting pose! lol

Loved these table favors...
note the dainty hanky!

These were on the Wedding Corner tables

Here are the Bride and Groom on their
50th wedding Anniversary
Isn't that cake lovely?
May the Lord continue to bless them!

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Emma said...

Wow! Ya'lls have been busy!! Happy fall!!!