Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freshening Up for Spring..celebrating...and other happenings...

I always have to tear fix up!

And, our living living proof!

It was in dire need of fresh paint!

Bri was helping me-big time-with the walls, but Brad didn't get any pics of her :(
Phil cut the whole ceiling in when he got pics of him either

We have 8 doorways to cut around, and a window (and tape around too)

Plus, we had to tape the wallpaper border, and the baseboard--almost 3 rolls of tape!

But we're so happy now! And, we found this beautiful print at a yard sale for $5!

And, I found this great valance on ebay for $12 to fit my BIG window!

Now, we're praying for a new couch--ours has had it...we've been watching Craigslist for one

Remember my cherry tree died? Well, it's gone now....
Brad & Phil worked really, really hard to get the stump out and plant the new one
Thanks guys!

Here's a picture of the newly planted tree...alongside my lovely hanging basket from church!

Brad came up with and diligently carried out the plan for this landscaping next to our patio...came out great! Thanks Brad!

He and I found the landscape lights at a yardsale ($3) for all of them!

Friday evening we had a terrible hail storm! (No damage thankfully!)

My Mom's Birthday was May 1st, and her friends held a surprise tea in her honor this past Saturday...Bri and I went and had a lovely time!

My mom had a wonderful time, got some lovely gifts and cards...
and was very blessed!
I love my Mom!

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee

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