A woman whose work demanded constant reading began to have difficulty with her eyes, so she consulted a physician. After an examination he said, “Your eyes are just tired; you need to rest them.”
“But,” she replied, “that is impossible in my type of work.”
After a few moments the doctor asked, “Do you have windows at your workplace?”
“Oh, yes,” she answered with enthusiasm. “From the front windows I can see the noble peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and from the rear windows I can look out at the glorious Allegheny foothills.”
The physician replied, “That is exactly what you need. When your eyes feel tired, go look at your mountains for 10 minutes—20 would be better—and the far look will rest your eyes!”
What is true in the physical realm is true in the spiritual realm. The eyes of the soul are often tired and weary from focusing on our problems and difficulties. The upward look—the far look—will restore our spiritual perspective.
At times we feel overwhelmed by life’s troubles. If we look to the Lord in His Word and in prayer, however, He will put our problems in perspective and renew our strength.
Let’s lift up our eyes! (Psalm 121:1).  —Henry G. Bosch