Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Anyone who knows me, knows I am an avid reader! The ladies at my library know me well! :)
I discover lots of neat stuff while reading, and I'm going to share one with you today!
I read a book by Kim Meeder....about Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch and their ministry there.
I fell in love with it, and our family has had the pleasure of supporting them.
Their ministry takes in abused, neglected horses...and pairs them with troubled youth....
the result is a beautiful thing, with the the young people opening up, and
being able to receive the gospel.
It's simple--yet extraordinary!

The author and founder herself had much tragedy in her life, and it caused her to be very
compassionate toward others. God made beauty out of ashes in her life.
She uses that compassion to rescue horses, and children.

Here's one of the horses:


Arabian/Thoroughbred/Fox Trotter
In 1995, Kim witnessed a four-year-old mare being beaten so badly that a vet was needed to sew up her face. After six months of vowing to make a difference for her, she was finally able to bring the battered mare home. Ele not only became the figurehead for future horses to be rescued by Crystal Peaks, she also became one of Kim’s dearest and truest friends.

When my children were young and we homeschooled, we would often save money or do special service for different ministries.
This was one of the ones that we chose.
You can send them a one-time donation, sponsor a horse, donate items from their wish list, or even go to Oregon and volunteer! :)

I hope you go to their website and check them out, they'll be a real blessing to you!

Also, if you live here in New Castle County, her books are in our library system. :)

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