Monday, January 28, 2013

Everyday Is A Gift!

I know that everyday is a gift! Since I was sick in 2011--I am constantly reminded of this when I wake up in the morning!
And so, when I saw this great wall art at the Dollar Tree--I couldn't resist!
Well worth the $1!

I also picked up these as well:

I thought that these added thoughts that truly reflected my own, and love
seeing them on the walls of my home.

Another neat feature about these is that they can be removed easily, and repositioned
elsewhere.  I think they were a great bargain!

Hope that throughout this month of January you have felt that....
Blessings, Sharri

1 comment:

The Neighbor Girl said...

Awww...gotta love the stickers - especially since we have the same one (Every day is a gift) on the wall at our house ;) I've got another cute one in my bedroom that says "In a world where you can be yourself." ;)